The below mentioned terms and conditions are to define that they will be used for your actions regarding use or visiting of the website. It is obvious that you agree to all the terms and conditions before accessing the site. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read all the terms and conditions properly.

1. Site

Roys Hotels and Resorts is a company constituted under the laws of India and all the information about the company is available in the Site. This also includes its parents, controlled entities and business partners.

2. Your Use

You are not supposed to use the site or any information of it except for solely non-commercial purposes.
This right includes:

3. Information

With consent you should be agreed to the fact that these information is general information and not imply any kind of advice or indications. You also agreed to it that this information is only to the extent permitted by the government of India and its laws to the relevant sectors.
However, it is clearly stated that Roys Hotels and Resorts does not warrant:

4. Liability Disclaimer and Exclusion

Under no circumstances Roys Hotels and Resorts will not be responsible for any lose or damage no matter direct or indirect.
These circumstances may arises from:

However, these conditions do not exclude any kind of liability or responsibility that are lawfully grounded, and are compelled to be abided as per the terms permitted by law. Roys Hotels and Resorts is liable for certain specific warranty but not on the breach of the following:

5. Specific Warning

Your access of the website must not breach or violates the guidelines prescribes the government of India.

Any kind of exposure of personal information, data or any other such things, or if the site or your device is under any kind of malicious threats, bugs, virus or such issues then it is solely your responsibility.

Therefore, you are advised to take proper safety measures and must take precautions while surfing, accessing or using information in the site or the site.

Roys Hotels and Resorts does not take responsibility for any content that have been downloaded by you and contains malicious files or virus.

6. Linked Websites

The site of Roys Hotels and Resorts may contains links to external websites or third parties. However, it is not responsible for the maintenance of those sites. Therefore, your acknowledgement to the terms and condition to the site does not include the “Linked Web Sites”.

7. Termination of Access

If any of the given instructions or terms are broken or violate by you then the Site has full authority to terminate your access to the site with a warning or without a prior notice depending on your action and type of violation.

8. Governing Law and Juridiction

The Government of India is responsible for the surveillance and controlling of the conditions and it has your consent for exclusive jurisdiction of the court of India.

9. Return to Site

By clicking the “Return to Site” it will be considered that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


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